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ICOGCT 2019 accept papers from the following topics, but are not limited to:

Exploration, geological studies, reserves estimation for oil, natural gas and coal
Production/recovery methods, drilling technology, subsea engineering
Production rates, forecasting future demand
Heavy oil, oil sand/shale recovery/processing, oil/gas field processing
Petroleum refining, coal liquid/hydrogen production, petrochemical industry
Asphaltene, wax and hydrate formation
Ultra low sulphur fuels, LNG, CNG and LPG, natural gas processing
Gasoline from natural gas/coal liquid, biorefining, biofuels
Nano/biotechnology, computerisation/automation, modelling/simulation
Refinery process optimisation, management of refining industry, major oil companies
Process modeling and simulation
Fuel quality/specifications, storage, transportation
Environmental issues, carbon management, sequestration, storage, oil spill occurrence
Fuel prices, future market fluctuations, forecasting, safety/security
Business/international trade regulations, political/governmental/economic issues
Biofuels vs fossil fuels; future technology, business
And all other related topics

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